About us

In 1984, the Dutch football coaches magazine De Voetbaltrainer was founded. In 36 years, we've spoken to an incredible amount of coaches about all aspects of the beautiful game. Tactics, psychology, coaching, leadership, analysis, use of data and many more. We've received hundreds of high-quality drills to improve all phases of the game. With video's and thorough descriptions of the organisation of the drill and it's main coaching points.We've always promoted the expertise of coaches in the Dutch language, reaching Dutch and Belgian (Flanders) coaches. A few years ago, we decided to share our knowledge with the whole world. We've designed the platform Drills4Football and picked the best 500 drills to translate. This resulted in a large database of football drills, categorized by target age, phase of the game, number of players and several other search criteria.Every month, we are adding several new drills to the database. As a registered member, you can view four drills per month for free and read every article on the website. If you want to take a look into all drills, you can subscribe for only six euros per month.