Position games evolving into attacking drills

More and more coaches use training exercises that start with a position game and evolve into an attacking drill towards a goal. In this article, we discuss five of those drills.

From 6v6 + 2 towards goal

This exercise starts with a position game 6v6 + 2 on a short, wide pitch. Obviously, the same exercise can be used with a different number of players, such as 4v4 + 1. After a minimum of ten successful passes, a team can try to score in the large goal with goalkeeper. The dotted line acts as an offside line. All fourteen players from the position game (including the neutral players) can participate in the attack towards the goal, either as attackers or defenders.

Position game to shooting drill 1

Counter attacking towards goal after winning possession

This exercise starts with a 6v3 possession game in the rectangle. The blue team builds-up and tries to keep possession, three red players put pressure on them and try to win the ball. When they do, the other three red players can contribute in the counter-attack towards the goal. When blue loses the ball without an interception from red (the ball goes out of play), the coach passes the ball to red to start the counter-attack. The red three players switch before every new possession game starts. After six, eight or ten starts, the blue and red team switch roles. In our Drills section, you can watch a video of this drill and read the full description.

Finding the middle before the through pass

This exercise starts with a position game in the middle of the pitch. From there, the attack can take place towards both sides. In the image, the blue team is in possession of the ball. One player of the blue team will enter the small square in the middle. Both yellow and red players are not allowed to enter the small square in the middle. When blue has passed the ball to the player in the small middle square, they can score on both sides of the pitch. Again, players can be offside in the attacking areas.

Position game to shooting drill 2

Progressing towards goal in 3v1

One of the most simplified position games is 3v1. This can be suitable drill, but the objective is always to keep possession instead of attacking in a certain direction. This drill starts with a 3v1 in a square, but direction is added. The three attacking players move towards the goal and try to score there. They have a maximum of two touches and the ball has to keep moving. This 3v1 rondo evolves into a 3v1 + GK attacking drill. When the defender gains possession, he passes the ball outside of the field to switch teams. One attacker becomes the defender.

Finding the wing from ball circulation

In the middle section, this exercise starts with a 3v3 + 1. When all four attacking players have touched the ball or when they've played ten successful consecutive passes, they can attack towards one of the two goals. This always takes place by passing the ball into one of the four corner zones. One of the two yellow player in the outside lanes has one touch to give a cross. All other players  move towards the goal. Five of them try to score (three attackers and two neutral players), the other three try to prevent goal scoring opportunities.

Position game to shooting drill 4

By checking both Position games and Finishing in the Drills section, you'll find more examples of position games evolving into attacking drills.

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