Brain training: awareness (Emery at PSG)

A drill from Unai Emery from his time at Paris Saint-Germain.


  • improve the awareness and the reaction speed of the brain


  • 5 players per organisation
  • 4 colored goals (or a goal, marked with a cone or vest)
  • 4 colored mannequins (or mannequins marked with a cone or vest)
  • 4 balls

How to play

  • 1 player starts in the middle, 4 players on the side
  • the player who is going to play the ball calls a color first
  • the player who is in the center touches the mannequin of that color 
  • he then gets the ball played to him, while the passing player calls another color
  • the player who is in the middle shoots the ball into that specific goal


  • players rotate, so that the ball can be played from different positions
  • change colors every few minute to create a new orientation


  • ‘Constantly look around you to see where everyone is situated.'
  • ‘Perform all assignments as quickly as you can.'
  • 'Stay in control of the ball.'
  • 'Switch as soon as possible after hearing the color.'
  • 'Link what you hear and what you see in one action.'
  • 'Produce a good first touch, so that you can finish quickly.'
  • 'Make sure you control the ball in an open way.'
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