Position game 2v2 + 4 in star-shaped field

An exercise of Joaquín Pérez DT, coach at Union San Felipe in Chile.


  • improving getting open between the lines and finding the third man


  • a star-shaped field, created by 2 squares
  • 12 players, enough bibs, cones (or lines) and balls

How to play

  • 2 teams of 2 players in the middle
  • 4 bouncers per team in the corners of the star
  • every bouncer stays in his own grid
  • the bouncers  have a maximum of 1 touch


  • 'Move away from each other's line.'
  • 'Make sure you're on the move as a third man.'
  • 'Be also defensive as a bouncer.'


  • 14 players (3v3 in the middle) or 16 players (4v4 in the middle)
  • maximum of 1 touch for all players (also in the middle)
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