From the side to the centre (1)

This is the first of four training drills from Dennis van der Ree, in which he provides different game patterns to return from the side to the centre in the final third.


  • to build an attack from the side towards the center of the pitch

How to play

  • 5 players and goalkeeper are needed for the attacking pattern
  • the game situation that follows requires 7 players and a goalkeeper
  • the coach passes the ball to the winger to start the pattern
  • his teammate makes an off-the-ball-run in the half-space
  • from the other side, 2 attackers sprint into the box
  • the goalkeeper and the defender try to prevent a goal


  • after the attacking pattern is finished, a new situation starts
  • the goalkeeper starts the 4v3 + 2GK towards the goal on the half-way line
  • the player who gave the cross in the attacking pattern also participates, making it 4v4 + 2GK

Coaching remarks

  • 'Play the ball with the correct pace into the space for the player who is making the run.'
  • 'One player asks for the ball in front of the goalkeeper at the near post.' 
  • 'His teammate positions himself diagonally behind him around the penalty spot.'
  • 'Produce a quick transition after the cross to the second part of this drill.'


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